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Graphic Monthly Canada
Graphic Monthly Canada

“The production and editorial qualities of Graphic Monthly Canada are superb. I read each issue as soon as it comes in and pass it to others in my shop. It’s a pleasure to look at and to read, and as a shop owner it keeps me well informed about the news and the trends that will affect my business. I especially look forward to reading the features and new products sections. The staff there does a great job.”
—Dave Smith, President, TI Group, Toronto

“There are many magazines that cater to the graphic arts industry. However, Graphic Monthly Canada is the one I go to first for current information. Each issue of the magazine offers a variety of articles, geared directly to Canadian printers. I look forward to receiving my copy of your magazine. Keep up the good work!”
—David G Friesen, Chairman, Friesens Corporation, Altona, Manitoba

“If I had to choose one magazine it would be the Graphic Monthly Canada. I have been a reader and supporter for many years and I look forward to the magazine arriving on my desk. I can’t think of another magazine that can keep me up to date as quickly. Graphic Monthly Canada, thanks for a great magazine.
Earle O’Born, CEO, The Printing House, Toronto

“I subscribe to over 50 print publications and Graphic Monthly is one of the most professional and informative print publications in Canada. Trade Talk highlights the latest industry news and TechWatch introduces the newest products. But what I like best about Graphic Monthly is that it focuses on people in the industry and in my opinion, it’s the people that make it all happen. Graphic Monthly is a must read.”
—Warren Werbitt, Founder and CEO, Pazazz Printing, Montreal

“I have been reading Graphic Monthly Canada for many years and it consistently stands out from the rest. It keeps me up-to-date on the industry, new products and key trends. In addition to the quality of the stories it produces, its great production values make it even more appealing. This is a great resource if you want to succeed in this industry.
—Gaetano DiTrapani, President, Phipps Dickson Integria, LaSalle, QC

“Walking through the plant the other day, I saw one of our pressman reading a current edition of Graphic Monthly Canada and I thought it worthwhile to let you know how useful this magazine has been over the years in bringing trade news and trends to our shop. The magazine makes the rounds through every department and sparks discussions about what’s hot and not. We get quite a few industry publications and Graphic Monthly is one of the few that covers the big picture and provides in-depth analysis of specific issues. Thanks for being a part of our operation.”
—Kim Blanchette, President, Blanchette Press, Richmond, BC

“I think Graphic Monthly Canada is one of the best reads in this industry. The staff is always on top of news events and they consistently deliver a package that’s a pleasure to receive. All printers should read it from cover to cover. It’ll tell them about new products, help them decide which equipment to buy, and let them know what their competitors are up to.”
Barry Pike, CEO, PLM Group, Toronto

Print World 2010 Print World 2010
Print World:

“We felt that Print World 2008 delivered one of the highest quality show audiences we have seen in years. Partly as a result we had some significant sales.”
—Martin Cox, Director of Marketing & Communications, GBC Canada

“Xerox was satisfied with the show in terms of leads or sales. We sold equipment right at the show and especially after the event.”
—Jim Bryant, Manager, Events & Sponsorships, Xerox Canada Ltd.

“We had a very good show and made a very significant sale at Print World. We’re contracted for the 2010 event with a larger booth.”
—Dan Murray, Buskro Canada Ltd.

“We were very pleased with our showing at the 2008 event. Our promotional efforts before, during and after the show paid off and it was a simple decision to sign up early for Print World 2010.”
—Tony Karg, Senior Director of Business Development and Marketing (Graphic Systems), Fujifilm Canada Inc.

“We had a very successful show with sales of equipment taking place during and after the event. It was an easy decision to contract early to Print World 2010.”
—Michael Steele, Partner, Sydney R. Stone & Co. Ltd.

“Great show as always.”
—Stuart Serchuck, Beta Industries


Design Edge Canada
Design Edge Canada

“The importance of Canadians to have their own identity has been a constant struggle, but I think that your publication is a great step in that direction, especially when it comes to design. We are influenced by the Europeans and the Americans. How about inspiring each other as Canadians? Let's not have our talent take a back seat. I also like how you cover topics large and small, because the small things are sometimes the most inspiring. Even though I work in Toronto, it’s not the only place design lives in Canada. Please keep up the good work and I look forward to learning more about our Canadian design community.”
—Scott McFarland, RGD, Associate and Design Director, THE WORKS, Toronto

“Running a successful design agency is all about staying current with industry trends. Design Edge is true to its name, providing our team with current and relevant information about what matters with timely insights delivered by knowledgeable professionals.”
—Jean-Pierre Lacroix, President, Shikatani Lacroix, Toronto

“Design Edge serves a much-needed role, giving voice to design topics and spotlighting what is all too often hidden in plain view. Design Edge defines the difference between what can be bought in a box and those who who truly know how to put tools to work. Over the hill and into the forest; each issue of Design Edge brings designers and service providers together, charting a path between what we do and where we want to go. Here at Context, Design Edge rocks!”
—Lionel Gadoury. Principal, Creative Director, Context Creative, Toronto

“I really enjoy Design Edge. There’s a lot I like about the format. I like the layout with its very clean accessible look and a good mix of quick hits and meaty bits. I like the paper stock too. As for the content, every issue has had a nice variety of topics to keep it from getting too buried in my should-read, but probably-never-will pile. Keep up the good work!”
—Judy Snaydon, Creative Director, Mountain Equipment Co-op, Vancouver

“I’m personally very pleased with how your magazine has come together and become a serious force to be reckoned with in Canada.”
—Mark Busse, Partner, Design Director, INDUSTRIAL BRAND CREATIVE; President, GDC BC Chapter, SOCIETY OF GRAPHIC DESIGNERS OF CANADA, Vancouver

“The magazine is looking great and I've overheard a few comments from designers in my circle that it just keeps getting better. Keep up the good work…”
—Mikey Richardson, Creative Director, Amoeba Corp., Toronto

“Fantastic!!! Actual - written - content! Pictures are fine when you're in the know but I need commentary on what is happening in Canadian design and graphic design in general.”
—Blair Cox, CoxGraphics, Fredericton, N.B.


Masthead testimonials

“The bible of the periodical industry”
—The Globe and Mail

“By the way I am enjoying Masthead a lot of late… you are doing a great job… keep it up”
—John Kerr, President, Kerrwil Publications, Toronto


“Masthead is essential reading for all magazine professionals whether they
are just starting out or are veterans in the business. The web site does a terrific
job keeping me up-to-date on what's going on in the industry…”
—Wallie Seto, Publisher, Career Insider Magazines, Toronto

 “Thank you very much for your help. Masthead has been a tremendous help for my
magazine start-up so far”
—A new publisher in Toronto (identity withheld)

 “Masthead is providing a valuable service.”
—Bruce Creighton, President, Business Information Group, Toronto

“When you operate out of the hinterlands, Masthead provides a sense of community. Thank you Masthead for your commitment.”
—Ruth Kelly, President and Publisher, Alberta Venture

“Great big country, itty-bitty industry. Masthead, more than a handful of events, is the glue that binds it together.”
-Sandy Fife, Canadian Business

“You have done a great job and provided a wonderful window for our publishing industry.”
-Ildiko Marshall, Publisher, Today’s Parent

“You can take down the online posting for Managing Editor, Avenue Edmonton. We've had lots of applications. Thanks so much!! I love Masthead!!”
—Jackie Bernard, Human Resources Manager, RedPoint Media, Calgary

"Just as I found our talented editor 5 years ago on MastheadOnline, we choose to use your service to search for a sales rep for our brand-new Big Country Magazine buy. Yesterday, within 3 hours, the first resume flew in. Very impressive and a solid resume at that!"
- Jeff Shearer, Publisher, On The Bay Magazine


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“If I had to choose one magazine it would be the Graphic Monthly Canada.”
—Earle O’Born, CEO, The Printing House, Toronto
“We had a very good show and made a very significant sale at Print World.”
—Dan Murray, Buskro Canada Ltd.
“Design Edge has become a serious force to be reckoned with in Canada.”
—Mark Busse
Partner, Design Director
Industrial Brand Creative, Vancouver
President, Society of Graphic Designers of Canada, BC Chapter
“[Masthead is] the bible of the periodical industry.”
—The Globe and Mail
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